DMX controller

RIYA DMX controller

Standard PCI  card
Control up to three 512 DMX outputs and one 512 DMX input channels
Total control of all parameters
Card has an input trigger for music signal analysis
Up to 4 cards may be installed in one PC

The system supports Windows multi-program mode.
Windows98/Millenium/NT/2000/XP drivers and SDK are included.
The SDK includes a full command description of the system along with demo programs making the switch to this truly remarkable hardware, easy and convenient. RIYA Co. assures full and complete support of our products. Our qualified staff has intensive experience in C++ and Pascal. We will help you in the installation and integration of the system and can answer any questions you may have concerning it.
This powerful system will significantly improve your software capabilities and system performance.

RIYA completely opens the interface to RIYA DMX Pro card and we invite programmers for the creation of joint systems for DMX show.

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