RIYA Software

RIYA Co Ltd. Is proud to announce Laser BaseFormer and Laser LiveRunner - our first commercial software products for control of RIYA PCI Pro cards.

Laser BaseFormer - program for creation libraries of animations in ILDA format, forming base of effects and preparation base of KeyPads.

Laser LiveRunner - program for control up to three RIYA PCI cards by KeyPads in live mode or in sequence mode.


New! Is realized network support in Laser LiveRunner

General features:

Laser BaseFormer








Note: Data formats are compatible with future stand-alone version of our card (RIYA Multibus Card) that planned to be released in the nearest future (within is this year)



Laser LiveRunner






Demo version of programs is available for free download here (1,8Mb)

General Information: info@riyalasers.com